Angel – Messenger of God
Angel of the Lord

By: Joseph H. Murray

(1) The first definition of an angel is “Messenger of God”, given to us in these words: “A race of spiritual beings of a nature exalted far above that of man, although infinitely removed from that of God–whose office is ‘to do him service in heaven, and by his appointment to succor and defend men on earth’.”

(2) Angel of the Lord:The special form in which God manifested himself to man, and hence Christís visible form before [his coming in human flesh].”

Appears to Hagar – Gen. 16:7; 21:17
Appears to Abraham – Gen. 18, etc.
Appears to Lot – Gen. 19
Appears to Moses – Exod. 3:2
Appears to Balaam – Num. 22:23
Appears to Israelites – Judg. 2
Appears to Gideon – Judg. 6:11
Appears to Manoahís wife – Judg. 13:3
Appears to David – 2Sam. 24:16, 1Chron. 21:16
Appears to Elijah – 1Kings 19:7
Appears to Daniel – Dan. 8:16; 9:21; 10:11–12
Appears to Joseph – Matt. 1:20
Appears to two women – Matt. 28:2–5, Mark 16
Appears to Zacharias – Luke 1:11
Appears to Mary – Luke 1:26–28
Appears to the shepherds – Luke 2:8–12
Appears to the apostles – Acts 5:19
Appears to Philip – Acts 8:26
Appears to Cornelius – Acts 10:3
Appears to Peter – Acts 12:7
Appears to Paul – Acts 27:23
Also see Ps. 34:7; 35:5
Also see Zech. 1:11

Cherub or Cherubim: Guards of Paradise and the Mercy Seat

Gen. 3:24
Exod. 25:18
Displayed both in the Tabernacle by Moses – Exod. 36:35; 37:7–9; also in Solomonís Temple – 1Kings 6:27–29
Four-winged and four-faced in Ezek. 1:6, 15
Rev. 4:8

Seraphim:An order of celestial beings,” pictured in Isaiahís vision as around the throne of God.

Isa. 6:2–7

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