Articles by Hilliard (Uncle Joe) Murray

Joseph Hilliard Murray (Uncle Joe) was diagnosed with cancer in 1959 at approximately 44 years of age and given no more than ninety days to live. But by Godís miracle-working power, he was healed! Uncle Joe had been placed on a disability pension in May 1959, which was discontinued after doctors declared his total recovery in March 1961. During this time that he was receiving disability checks, he was consumed with Bible study and writing little messages, mostly by hand, which to this day, almost no one has ever read. They are filled with a wisdom that is obtained only by those who find themselves utterly alone with God. That is the place Uncle Joe found himself in 1959 when he was given no more than ninety days to live. He spent the remaining thirty-seven years of his life praising God and testifying of the value of finding oneself alone with God. You can read many of Uncle Joe's articles below. We are sure they will be uplifting and a blessing to you. Please check back for future updates as we continue to add to this collection!

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A Baptism of Fire

A House Divided

A Living Sacrifice

A Living Sacrifice (Long)

A Matter of Life or Death

A New Commandment

A Wedding Garment

A Whole Lot of Shaking

Abiding in Him

Abstain and Maintain a Standard (of Pure Religion)


Acknowledge God

All Sin Affects the Body

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

An Expression of God

An Holy Nation

And the Lord Went before Them

Angel - Messenger of God and Angel of the Lord

Are We Worthy?

Ashamed, Embarrassed or Condemned?

Atonement or Reconciliation


Be Not Highminded, But Fear

Be, Say and Do

Bible Language

Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost

Born out of the Ordinary

But Whoso Hath this World’s Good

Buy the Truth


Called and Sent or Volunteered?

Called by His Name

Calling on the Name of the Lord

Child of God, Servant of the Devil

Christ in the Flesh

Confession unto Salvation

Conscience Guilty or Not Guilty

Crash on the Highway

Crucified and Yet Alive



D. D.'s - Doctors of Divinity or Dumb Dogs

Dead or Alive?

Damned, If Ye Doubt

Does Knowing Truth Make You a Wise Virgin?


Eat No Leavened Bread

Entering Vs. Inheriting the Kingdom

Evil Tidings

Except Ye


Fellowship of His Suffering

Flattering Titles

Footsteps in His Path

For Better or Worse (Which Will It Be?)

For the Love of Many

For Unto Whomsoever Much Is Given

Forgiveness of Sin! Who Can Do It?





Jesus’ Will for Us


Kingdom of God



My Testimony, by Hilliard Murray


No One Dies of Hunger






The True Fast


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