Pearls from the Old Prayer Meetings

During the last few years, we have been listening to reel-to-reel recordings (mostly from the 1960s and 70s) of Preacher Clarkís old prayer meetings. What a wonderful trove of timeless treasures these recordings are! We have assembled lists of the most striking comments Preacher Clark made during his sermons, as well as other comments taken from testimonies of others who attended those meetings. We call these wise sayings, "pearls", and you can read many of them here.

Click the PDF Download button to download the full PDF document of ALL the Pearls for 2015. Or, you can read them one month at a time below, as we add them in HTML format.

April 2015 Pearls

April 1
As Godís people grow in grace, they will have more and claim less.
- George C. Clark

April 2
I made up my mind a long time ago not to let anyone, especially a child of God, do anything to me that would cause me to hate them.
- George C. Clark

April 3
I enjoy persecution because it shows Iím doing something right. I enjoy living in the town where I live. Everybody there loves me or hates me. God settled the issue between Job and his friends, and God will settle the issue between me and everybody who persecutes me.
- George C. Clark

April 4
GCC Pearl: The gifts of God donít always bring joy when they work through a person.
- George C. Clark

April 5
Weíd better be in a condition to receive a rebuke from anybody at any time.
- Hilliard (Uncle Joe) Murray

April 6
Uncle Joe Pearl: The man who tells you what is right is your friend.
- Hilliard (Uncle Joe) Murray

April 7
If there is somebody in the congregation that you canít look in the eye, or donít want to look at and donít much care if they werenít there, donít tell God how much you love Him. You couldnít tell a bigger lie than that.
- George C. Clark

April 8
People are trying to get God on their side. Donít you know that Godís ways are not your ways?
- George C. Clark

April 9
Somebody is responsible for reaching every sheep on earth today who is not in the fold. And somebody is also responsible for taking care of them once they do come in.
- George C. Clark

April 10
What little faith Iíve got is in the power of God.
- Brother Frank Griffin

April 11
Donít tell me you canít cross bridges before you get to them. Youíd better cross them before you get to them, in your heart. If you donít, youíre going to have a heartbreak. Youíd better cross the bridge of facing death before you get there. Iíve crossed the bridge many a time of my motherís death. Sheís almost there now, and Iíve pictured her lying in her coffin. Iíve already crossed that bridge, and I know itís alright!
- Hilliard (Uncle Joe) Murray

April 12
Time wonít do it; time wonít establish you in the Lord. Time has failed to do it for you. Time has failed to set some of us free. Itís failed to accomplish the product that the Lord is expecting out of you. God wants us to come into possession of something right now, not later on. If we donít possess this now, weíre not going to possess that later.
- George C. Clark

April 13
Brother, you donít need this worldís goods when you have the goods of God. When you have those goods, you are able to minister to the people.
- George C. Clark

April 14
Brother, you had better get where you feel God Ė and I donít mean feel Him in a meeting; I mean alone. And I donít mean just at night. I mean just walking around feeling this glory that I feel right now.
- George C. Clark

April 15
If you die and go to hell, in just one minute after you depart this life Ė everything in the world that youíve ever missed God in, if you had it to do over again, you wouldnít miss Him. And those who are blessed enough to be allowed into Paradise, if they had to come back to this world, they would be more careful than theyíd ever been.
- George C. Clark

April 16
I donít believe thereís a one here whoíll be saved if they leave me.
- George C. Clark

April 17
The disciple John had just as hard a job getting clear of the natural kind of love he had for Jesus as Peter and the rest of them had in getting the right kind.
- George C. Clark

April 18
The holy Ghost baptism is Godís true-evidenced body of Christ, the body youíre put into when you receive it, and the one youíre out of if you donít have it.
- George C. Clark

April 19
Remember one thing, the holy Ghost is hated just like it was in the Apostle Paulís time.
- Grandma Edna

April 20
Go any place that Jesus went when he was here. Take him with you and donít be afraid. He was less welcome in the synagogue than anywhere, but he went. So, it wonít hurt you to carry him back there for a visit, into the churches of men. Theyíll run you and him both out.
- George C. Clark

April 21
Jesus was always looking for the poor, the drunks, and harlots. They had better hearts than the religious folk had. In other words, they were down and they knew it. There wasnít any argument with them. They were on the bottom. There was nothing to argue about.
- George C. Clark

April 22
Everything in our hearts that we die with, we are going to be resurrected with.
- Hilliard (Uncle Joe) Murray

April 23
GYou have to get right to live right.
- George C. Clark

April 24
Jesus said, ďI am the way.Ē The only way you need, and the only way you should be in, is the way he is. When you become as he was, youíve found all the way you need.
- George C. Clark

April 25
Godís church is the saints of God.
- George C. Clark

April 26
If a person is too good, Iím afraid of him, and if heís too bad, I donít want to be around him.
- George C. Clark

April 27
Jesus told his disciples to pray this prayer: ďForgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.Ē If you pray, ďLord, forgive me as I forgive others,Ē you are in reality praying this: ďJust like I forgive others, Lord, forgive me.Ē Thatís why people donít have the victory. Jesus is not forgiving them, just as they are not forgiving others.
- George C. Clark

April 28
Youíre never going to raise the dead as long as youíre burying them. Jesus broke up every funeral he ever attended.
- George C. Clark

April 29
Somebody may say, ďI have asked something in Jesusí name, and he didnít do it.Ē† No, you committed two evils right there.† You said you asked in his name, and you didnít.† Thatís one evil.† And then you asked in vain; thatís another one.† Thatís two errors you made.† Jesus said, ďIf you ask anything in my name, I will do it.Ē†
- George C. Clark

April 30
You ask in Jesusí name only when the Spirit of God moves you to ask.† The Spirit came to man from God in Jesusí name, and nothing done without the Spirit can be in his name.† And you donít have to say the words, ďin Jesusí nameĒ, for something to be in his name.† When Paul said ďRise up and be healed,Ē the anointing of God was on him Ė and thatís the name!† The name is in the power!
- George C. Clark

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