Pearls from the Old Prayer Meetings

During the last few years, we have been listening to reel-to-reel recordings (mostly from the 1960s and 70s) of Preacher Clarkís old prayer meetings. What a wonderful trove of timeless treasures these recordings are! We have assembled lists of the most striking comments Preacher Clark made during his sermons, as well as other comments taken from testimonies of others who attended those meetings. We call these wise sayings, "pearls", and you can read many of them here.

Click the PDF Download button to download the full PDF document of ALL the Pearls for 2015. Or, you can read them one month at a time below, as we add them in HTML format.

March 2015 Pearls

March 1
God has never been surprised. The spiritual mind cannot be surprised.
- George C. Clark

March 2
You can insult Godís people today because they think a lot of themselves.
- George C. Clark

March 3
Itís not worth two cents what you go through if you donít come out right.
- George C. Clark

March 4
If you find out thereís somebody youíre not helping, youíd better help yourself.
- George C. Clark

March 5
Sometimes, you just have to wash your hands and walk away. Iíve done that with some of the dearest souls Iíve ever known in my life. . . . Iím not against them, but I donít know how to help them. I have a number of people like that in the hands of God today.
- George C. Clark

March 6
You canít keep the truth hidden. Itíll spoil on you. You canít even keep Godís blessing a secret. Use it! Eat it! Give it to somebody! Do something with it!
- George C. Clark

March 7
I told Melvin (his black fellow worker): ďThe black man thinks that if he had what the white man has, heíd be happy. But why should he think so? The white manís not happy with it!Ē
- "Uncle Joe" Murray

March 8
Happiness is not joy. Happiness comes from things that happen. Joy comes from fellowship with God.
- "Uncle Joe" Murray

March 9
Before Pentecost, the old man got everything. After Pentecost, the new man got everything.
- George C. Clark

March 10
Jesus never told anybody to do what that person, in his own power and wisdom, could do. He only commanded his followers to do what they could do if they had faith in God.
- George C. Clark

March 11
Is it acceptable with God to go by tradition? It would just depend on where the tradition was coming from. There is a tradition of power and truth. Paul told Timothy to hold on to that tradition.
- George C. Clark

March 12
Nobody can get their name into the Book of Life. Even if they did, it wouldnít do any good. Every soul that will be saved at the end already has it there. The Bible says, ďWhosoeverís name was not written in the Lambís Book of Life from the foundation of the world was cast into the Lake of Fire.
- George C. Clark

March 13
We donít worry about getting our name into the Book of Life; we worry about keeping it in there. And you wonít ever have to do that if youíll follow what Iím telling you. Donít take up time and associate on an equal basis with anybody thatís not clean and not moving forward. Donít disdain them or persecute them. Just pray. Make them follow you; donít you follow them.
- George C. Clark

March 14
A Baptist is not somebody whose been baptized; itís somebody who does the baptizing. The followers of John the Baptist were not called ďBaptistsĒ. John was the Baptist and they were the baptized. John was the Baptist because John was a baptizer with water, and Jesus is a baptizer with the Spirit. And if youíll pay the price and get anointed by God, youíll be a Baptist.
- George C. Clark

March 15
Healing is not even for the world. Itís for the children of God.
- George C. Clark

March 16
Sometimes, I see the way so straight and narrow that it frightens me. If I didnít know the scriptures as well as I do, Iíd have more victory sometimes than I have. I see people violate Godís commandments, and they donít understand it, and they act three times happier than I am.
- George C. Clark

March 17
Thereís no short cuts. None of the seventeen works of the flesh is going to get through the Judgment.
- George C. Clark

March 18
Weíve just got enough religion to make us miserable. And weíre afraid to quit it.
- George C. Clark

March 19
Nobody is ready to meet God. If you were, youíd be meeting God. Paul wasnít ready until he had finished his work, and Jesus wasnít ready until he said, ďIt is finishedĒ.
- George C. Clark

March 20
Donít grumble. It is a worldly habit.
- George C. Clark

March 21
The way to go up is the way to go down. ďPride goeth before a fall.Ē You humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and let Him lift you up.
- George C. Clark

March 22
As you speak to me, the Lord speaks. I donít get what you say unless the Lord talks to me, and you donít get my message unless the Lord talks to you. Every ounce of understanding that exists on earth is the result of God helping us to understand one another.
- George C. Clark

March 23
Get anointed and people will get out of your way.
- George C. Clark

March 24
If a minister doesnít watch out, his work wonít all be for the glory of God.
- George C. Clark

March 25
Itís just like it is, no matter what they say.
- "Uncle Joe" Murray

March 26
If you want your Baptist friends to get into holiness, you have to be more Pentecostal than they are.
- George C. Clark

March 27
If you are righteous, nothing shall come between you and God. God always comes first. He even comes before you do. To a righteous man, God doesnít even come between that man and himself.
- George C. Clark

March 28
ďTaking the Lordís name in vainĒ means taking His name upon yourself, but with no effect. When Jesus cursed the fig tree in the name of the Lord, he did not take his Fatherís name in vain. If that tree had lived, he would have taken it in vain. Whatever you petition God for, whatever you strive to achieve, if you donít succeed, youíve taken His name in vain. ďIn vainĒ doesnít have to mean ďin sinĒ; it can just be a failure.
- George C. Clark

March 29
Why did John say, ďWhosoever is born of God cannot commit sin.Ē The answer is in the rest of that verse: ďbecause he is born of God.Ē Whatever there is in that new birth life, donít measure it by whether somebody will like it or not. Donít measure it by whether its going to suit anybody or not. You are free in Christ today. You can eat the shewbread just as David did.
- George C. Clark

March 30
If youíve got salvation, as many now claim to have, and youíre sick, youíre the most miserable creature in this world.† Saved and sick at the same time?† You donít get sick when you receive His salvation.† Godís salvation is a new, glorified body, and you donít get sick when you have that.
- George C. Clark

March 31
I am not saved. I donít have salvation. I donít claim salvation. I donít claim to be saved. If I did, I would be in violation of what the Spirit of God is saying to me. The Spirit of God anointed me and told me that we would be saved in the end, and then only if we are obedient to Christ.
- George C. Clark

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