Pearls from the Old Prayer Meetings

During the last few years, we have been listening to reel-to-reel recordings (mostly from the 1960s and 70s) of Preacher Clark’s old prayer meetings. What a wonderful trove of timeless treasures these recordings are! We have assembled lists of the most striking comments Preacher Clark made during his sermons, as well as other comments taken from testimonies of others who attended those meetings. We call these wise sayings, "pearls", and you can read many of them here.

Click the PDF Download button to download the full PDF document of ALL the Pearls for 2015. Or, you can read them one month at a time below, as we add them in HTML format.

August 2015 Pearls

August 1
God loves God.
- Sister Linnie Mae

August 2
The Bible says, “Bless those who curse you.” A lot of people don’t know what cursing means. If I slander you and that slander cuts off your fellowship with others and makes you unfruitful, I’ve cursed you. Pray for me.
- George C. Clark

August 3
The gospel cannot be taught.  It must be preached because it is the power of God.
- George C. Clark

August 4
There is no scripture that tells anyone to pray to get the holy Ghost. There is no scripture that tells anyone to pray to be born again. Sinners are only told to repent.
- George C. Clark

August 5
Jesus said those who believed on him would do greater works than he did. What could that be?  I can tell you one thing greater than he did: lay hands on someone and have him receive the holy Ghost. That, Jesus could not do while he was here on earth.
- George C. Clark

August 6
The Spirit does not bring life; it IS life.
- George C. Clark

August 7
There is government in the body of Christ.  When I put government in the little group I had, I lost over half of them.  But I gained!  We need government among the children of God.
- George C. Clark

August 8
If the truth offends, I’ll just have to let it have its course.
- George C. Clark

August 9
Anything you believe could be a lie, as far as you know.  John wrote, “I write unto you who believe that you may know.”  The woman at the well told people about Jesus, but later, those same people told her, “We no longer believe because of your word. We’ve seen him for ourselves!”  Have you seen him for yourself, or are you still going by what you’ve heard?
- George C. Clark

August 10
Those who went down to John the Baptist were given a receipt by him proving that they had obeyed God. Jesus does the same thing now for every one who obeys him. He gives them all the receipt of his baptism of the holy Ghost.
- George C. Clark

August 11
If you have the signs that Jesus said would follow believers in Mark 16, you don’t need a sign outside, telling people who you are.
- George C. Clark

August 12
GUnless you want others to be like you, don’t tell them about Jesus.
- George C. Clark

August 13
Pentecostals and Charismatics are ruining the faith by trying to organize the power and the Spirit of God. They’re trying to set it in order, but the power and Spirit of God is what sets you in order.
- George C. Clark

August 14
I’m not satisfied with having the Spirit; I want to know what I’ve got.
- George C. Clark

August 15
Sanctification is not a condition; it is an experience.
- George C. Clark

August 16
There is no such thing as a work of grace. Grace doesn’t work.
- George C. Clark

August 17
A sheep is always a sheep, even before he comes to the Lord.  A goat is never changed into a sheep.
- George C. Clark

August 18
There may be some foolishness in a wise man and some wisdom in a foolish one.  Judge no one quickly.
- George C. Clark

August 19
One reason for letting your light shine is so that others will not stumble over you.
- George C. Clark

August 20
If you don’t put God ahead of your family, you’re not going to have a family worth having.
- George C. Clark

August 21
Everyone on earth who honestly and sincerely desires the truth will find the truth because they will pay the price for it. But you can’t pay the price for it as long as you are too hooked up with anybody.
- George C. Clark

August 22
Even though I am the pastor of the work, I am not responsible for your sins. I am responsible to show them to you, and to tell you what they are, but it’s your job to get clear of them. I won’t be lost if you’re lost.
- George C. Clark

August 23
The body of Christ as a whole is not the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ will be those in the body of Christ who are faithful to Christ while here on earth.
- George C. Clark

August 24
You don’t have to pray to get right with God; you only have to confess your sins and repent. This stuff you see on TV, where ministers tell sinners to pray what they call the “Sinner’s Prayer” to “get saved” will wash no one’s sins away. When a sinner gets real with God and pours out his soul in true repentance, no one would want that on TV. The prayers men pray on TV are for public show.
- George C. Clark

August 25
I’d rather die being persecuted or stoned to death for the truth than to live in error and get to the place where I don’t know which is my right hand or my left, the place where I don’t know why I’m saying what I’m saying.
- George C. Clark

August 26
You must receive the Spirit of God. You’ll never be saved without the Spirit of God. And you won’t even be saved with the Spirit of God if you don’t obey the Spirit of God once you have received it.
- George C. Clark

August 27
Sin and sickness are bedfellows.  If you start getting miserable, you’d better start praying.  Sin and sickness are right next door.
- George C. Clark

August 28
Do not give in to the demon of worry. Leave God’s business alone.  He’s obligated to take care of you.
- George C. Clark

August 29
The world “knew not God”, John said.  The more worldly you get, the less you’ll know God, too.
- George C. Clark

August 30
A man told me, “I’m a sinner saved by grace.” I told him, “I’m not a sinner, and I’m not saved. John said, ‘Whoever sins is of the devil,’ and Jesus said, ‘Whoever endures to the end shall be saved.’ I am not of the devil, and I haven’t endured to the end, yet, either.”
- George C. Clark

August 31
If you haven’t heard from God lately, let me tell you something. When you’ve not treated somebody right, they’re not very talkative, are they?  God’s like that.
- George C. Clark

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