Pearls from the Old Prayer Meetings

During the last few years, we have been listening to reel-to-reel recordings (mostly from the 1960s and 70s) of Preacher Clark’s old prayer meetings. What a wonderful trove of timeless treasures these recordings are! We have assembled lists of the most striking comments Preacher Clark made during his sermons, as well as other comments taken from testimonies of others who attended those meetings. We call these wise sayings, "pearls", and you can read many of them here.

Click the PDF Download button to download the full PDF document of ALL the Pearls for 2015. Or, you can read them one month at a time below, as we add them in HTML format.

July 2015 Pearls

July 1
Paul said, “The kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness peace and joy in the holy Ghost.” I used to think that since we had the holy Ghost, we had righteousness, but when I sat down and thought about it, there are a lot of people with the holy Ghost that are not living righteous. The righteousness of God is in the holy Ghost, but it’s not the holy Ghost. You only have the righteousness of God if you obey the Spirit’s that’s in you.
- Earl Pittman

July 2
Jesus told a parable of servants with talents. The servant with just one talent was cast out of the kingdom. Every one of God’s children has at least one talent. He gives them one to start with, and we all had better get at least two talents if we want to be saved in the end.
- George C. Clark

July 3
There is a sin of commission and a sin of omission. If God tells you to do anything, you sin if you don’t do it. If He tells you not to do anything, you sin if you do do it. You can sin by doing nothing. Or, you can sin by doing something you’re not supposed to do.
- George C. Clark

July 4
You don’t only preach with your mouth. You have to live what you preach in order for your preaching to do much good.
- George C. Clark

July 5
People must desire to be like you before you can help them. And if you don’t want others to be like you are, don’t say anything to them about Jesus. Let them go to somebody else. If you don’t want people to be just like you are, don’t you mention Christ to them.
- George C. Clark

July 6
Don’t allow yourself to even feel right toward God until He does what He says He’ll do. Tell Him about it. Have the backbone and have the nerve that you’ve seen in the Bible. We hear Moses say, “No, Lord! No!” He went to grips with God. Other men of God went to grips with Him, too. They reminded him of His promises, and held on until He fulfilled them. God wants you to stand up and be counted. You tell Him what you’ve done, and what He’s supposed to do. I think He holds back sometimes just to see if you will claim your victory.
- George C. Clark

July 7
To be like God means to be different, and I’m willing to be.
- George C. Clark

July 8
The world expects us to speak out against their wrong. They won’t even have any confidence in you unless you do that. When you see them do wrong, they expect to hear something from you. Let’s not be guilty of the sin of keeping mute when evil is so prevalent all around us. Let’s reprove it!
- George C. Clark

July 9
If the Lord came at you to correct you with anger, you would not be where you are. He came with a meek spirit, and those he anoints will come that same way. There may be a time for “open rebuke”, but if he does that, it will still be with a meek spirit.
- George C. Clark

July 10
Every person who was in favor of Jesus being crucified was just as guilty as the ones carrying out the execution.
- George C. Clark

July 11
You are not going to get by with just washing your hands of a situation and doing nothing, any more than Pontius Pilate got by, by washing his hands when he could have stopped the whole proceeding.
- George C. Clark

July 12
I hope that everyone here will make up your mind that you’re going to do something for God besides just go to the meeting and sit down, because you are going to be stripped of the “one talent” you do have if you do that. That’s how you ‘bury your talent’. Just come and sit. If you want to know how you “bury your talent in the earth”, as the parable says – remember this – you’re the earth. You bury it inside your body by keeping what you know to yourself, by keeping your testimony to yourself, and by keeping your talent to yourself, saying within yourself, “Let the other people do it.”
- George C. Clark

July 13
Some say, “I pay the preacher to do my preaching,” or “I pay the choir to do my singing,” or “I let others do the testifying.” But let me tell you something. God, not you, is going to pay them for doing their part, and some of what He pays them with will be what He has taken away from those who have done nothing with what they had.
- George C. Clark

July 14
Let’s start doing something for somebody, somehow. If you’ll start warning the wicked and getting his blood off your hands, then when you come to these meetings, you’ll have something to talk about. You’ll have a testimony.
- George C. Clark

July 15
There is nothing about the way of holiness that is hard if you stay up. Now, if you fall behind, it’s a little hard to catch up.
- George C. Clark

July 16
The only way we can understand God is to perceive Him as smaller than He is. If how great God is filled our minds, there is no telling what it would do to us. We’d feel smaller than an ant on the floor. That’s why He sent us His Son. We have to see Him in the Son. We can understand God when we look at him.
- George C. Clark

July 17
In one of Jesus’ parables, the servant that pleased his master was busy when the master returned. I want to be busy when the Lord comes. And if you’ll stay busy for God, you won’t have time for these spiritual battles that you keep having. They won’t even be there. There’s no battle when you’re busy.
- George C. Clark

July 18
People talk about “battling the devil”, but most of God’s people don’t know the devil. They’ve never been around him, and he’s done nothing to them. They are not that grown up in the Lord. The devil deals with God’s grown-up children, somebody like Paul or Jesus. The devil has underlings, demons that carry out his work, little imps. It just takes a small one to keep most of God’s children down, to keep them crying or whining. But when you grow up in the Lord, and get anointed, and get in a condition for God to use you, you might get in contact with the old man himself.
- George C. Clark

July 19
A person having the holy Ghost doesn’t mean that person knows God. It takes time for a child of God to know their heavenly Father, the same way it takes a newborn baby on earth to get to know his father.
- George C. Clark

July 20
The most important thing to remember when you are talking to others about the Lord is that no matter what you are saying, what those people are hearing you say is this: “I want you to be like me.” It’s more important to be like Jesus than it is to say good things about him. That way, if others follow your example, they’ll be saved in the end.
- George C. Clark

July 21
Pentecostal people have become so humble that they are proud of it.
- George C. Clark

July 22
God is more interested in keeping you well and happy than you are interested in taking care of your own children.
- George C. Clark

July 23
Let’s stay where God can use us. If we do that, God will be robbing Himself of His own service for us to be sick or otherwise troubled and unable to work for Him.
- George C. Clark

July 24
Nobody makes me any better than I am, and nobody makes me any worse. I’m just what I am. If I hear praise or if I hear criticism, I just pass on through it.
- George C. Clark

July 25
The Lord gave me a message for a divided congregation one time. He told me to tell those people, “Don’t be yourselves tonight; be somebody else. Be that one you have the hardest trouble getting along with; put yourself in his place and be willing to forgive that person just like you want to be forgiven.”
- Hilliard "Uncle Joe" Murray

July 26
You can’t sincerely ask the Lord Jesus to come if you are not ready. If there’s a spot in your life, you’re not asking him to come from the heart. He’s coming back for a people who are saying from the heart, “Come, Lord Jesus!” Let’s live in that place, where we can say from the heart, “Come, Lord Jesus.”
- George C. Clark

July 27
God is the most jealous Being there is. He’s so jealous over a wife that He wants to sleep between her and her husband. And He feels the same way toward the man. And if He doesn’t sleep between them, they will have trouble.
- George C. Clark

July 28
I’d rather take my chance on the outside of Christianity. There might be more danger inside that place than here where we are. In fact, I know there is.
- Hilliard "Uncle Joe" Murray

July 29
People ask me, “Why do you all want to testify so much?” It’s cause we’re friends. Jesus said, “I call you friends, and all the things revealed by the Father to me, I’ve made known to you.” Another time, he said, “I have given them the word which thou gavest me.” We want to give one another what God has given us!
- Sister Linnie Mae

July 30
Sister Linnie May Pearl: It’s the mother that nourishes the children. The father just makes it possible for her to do it.
- Sister Linnie Mae

July 31
You can be persecuted for the sins you have committed – if God has forgiven you. Even after he got right with god, Paul was persecuted for how badly he had treated God’s children, but God blessed him for those persecutions because he had washed all those sins away.
- George C. Clark

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